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The Kennebec Historical Society offers various books and other items for sale at the society's headquarters at 107 Winthrop Street in Augusta, ME. Most of them are linked to locations in Kennebec County. If you have any questions, please call (207) 622-7718 for details.

The Museum Shop is open for purchase and pick-up during public hours.

Members receive a 10% discount!


Children's Book: The Littlest Tugboat by Sarah Sherman McGrail (A Kennebec River Tugboat Adventure) (2005) $20.00

Albion on the Narrow Gauge, by Ruby Crosby Wiggin (reprint of the 1964 edition) $26.00

The Trolley Parks of Maine, by Amber Tatnall, Randy Leclair, and Doreen Roger (2012) $13.00

Victorian Augusta, by Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr. (2008) $20.00

Portland: Spirit of the Eastern Seaboard, with introduction by Senator George J. Mitchell and art direction by Bob Kimball (2002) $50.00

Life, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, a collaboration by The Augusta Public Schools and the Kennebec Historical Society (2001) $8.00

Chelsea, Maine, History: Volume I & II, by Helen C. Taylor (1996) $35.00

Faith Communities of Augusta, Past and Present (1997) $5.00

Illustrated History of Wayne, Maine, by Jack Perkins (1968; reprinted 1993) $15.00

Johnson's Kingdom: The Story of a Nineteenth-Century Industrial Kingdom in the town of Wayne, Maine, by Edward L. Kallop Jr. (2000) $20.00

The Kennebec Arsenal: An Architectural and Historical Survey, by Marius Peladeau and Roger Reed (1997) $5.00

Sesquicentennial Celebration, Town of West Gardiner, 1850-2000 (2000) $0.75

The University of Maine, by Bob Briggs and Debra Wright (part of Arcadia Publishing's College History Series) (1999) $20.00

Other items:

Kennebec Historical Society Mugs $10.00

1878 Bird's Eye View of Augusta lithograph reproduction (unframed) $5.00

Note cards, scenes of Augusta: set of six $3.00

Jigsaw puzzle of a view of Augusta in the 1870s


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