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The Kennebec Historical Society collections are open to the public during research hours (see home page). The society is endeavoring to catalogue its collections at the item level, that is, each item in the collection will be listed individually in the society database. Although this goal has not yet been reached, there are around 19,000 items or collections in the database. In a similar way, all names in each item will be catalogued in the database. Currently the catalogue contains in excess of 6500 names. The database is also searchable for specific addresses in Kennebec County communities.

Access to the collections is primarily through the KHS database which is accessible on a computer in the Reading Room. A research librarian or research assistant are available during the hours that the Reading Room is open and will assist patrons using our database.

In addition to the database, a number of paper finding aids are available. This includes an index to the 1938 WPA Tax Photographs of Augusta properties.

The Kennebec Historical Society's Reading Room is located at KHS headquarters at 107 Winthrop Street in Augusta. Publications, manuscripts and images are housed in closed stacks. The research librarian or research assistant will supply these items on request. If unable to access the granite steps of the front porch, the building has handicap access from the driveway to the first floor, please ring doorbell.

Research services: Part of the Society's mission is to disseminate knowledge of the history of Kennebec County communities. Volunteers have offered their time to provide limited research assistance to people who cannot come to the research library. Please send email requests to: and provide as much relevant  detail as possible. Although there are no set fees for this research, donations to support the work of KHS are welcome.
More extensive research can be obtained at set fees.

Page updated: May 5, 2022 (srw)